Employees Search High and Low

to Find Information

Documents, data, and information live everywhere. Searching high and low to find the right document takes time and focus. Arrchiver is a Slack App that enables employees to search everywhere!

Search Less

One search query is all you need, right in Slack, to search across your entire organization.

Find More

Documents, data, and information are all indexed and existing permissions are respected so results are tailored to each person.

Arrchiver's Enterprise Search Solution

Search Everywhere

Right In Slack

Index Everything

Arrchiver integrates seemlessly with your data sources, repositories, and cloud services providers so you can truly search everywhere.

Security First

Arrchiver is a security first company. We don't collect or store your documents and your searches are encrypted in transit and at rest.

Trusted Results

Arrchiver inherits and respects document and data permissions across all your platforms so the right information goes only to the right person.

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Make Enterprise Search Easy

Search Less, Find More


$ 300 / mo
  • Unlimited Users
  • 125k Searches
  • 1 Integration
  • Arrchiver Slack App
  • More Features to Come

Early Adopter

$ 250 / mo
  • Unlimited Users
  • 150k Searches
  • 2 Integrations
  • Arrchiver Slack App
  • Basic Admin Dashboard
  • More Features to Come


$ 1000 / mo
  • Unlimited Users
  • 500k Searches
  • 5+ Integrations
  • Arrchiver Slack App
  • More Features to Come