Arrchiver Privacy Policy

This policy covers the information managed and collected by Arrchiver. If you do not agree with the Arrchiver Privacy Policy please do not use Arrchiver. Subject to Change without Notice.

1. What Information Arrchiver Collects

Information Through Usage of Arrchiver

We collect certain utilization data, in addition to user name and email, to understand current product state and to help drive product improvement and innovation. Captured data does not contain PII outside of name and email. Usage data does not contain sensitive, confidential, or otherwise private customer data like search results, document contents, document metadata, or search queries. Examples of usage data include things like searches per day, Arrchiver Slack App usage statistics, result engagement (clicked on results), result source (i.e. Google Drive, Slack, Atlassian Products, or other integrations), search filters, and search performance data (i.e. speed, latency, etc). Arrchiver will not sell your information to 3rd party organizations.

Location, Connection and Device Information

We collect aggregated location across all users in addition to device information such as computer operating system and Slack version.

User Feedback and Support

We collect names and email addresses when users provide product feedback to in order to follow up and communication with the appropriate party.

2. How we use the information we collect

Product Improvement

We only collect usage and utilization information to help drive improvements to Arrchiver. Our product and engineering teams use this information to bring the best possible improvements and experience to our users.

3. Sharing, Storing, and Securing Collected Information

Product and Engineering Teams

The members of our product and engineer team will have access to the anonymized metrics above. In the event a support ticket is opened or created via email or other communication channel, Arrchiver team members who are corresponding with a user will have access to name and email so they can follow up appropriately.

Third Parties

Arrchiver does not sell your information to third parties. We share information with analytics tools such as Google Analytics to drive product improvement and provide the best user experience possible.

Storage and security

Arrchiver encrypts all of our data at rest and in transit. All data is stored on AWS in the United States.

5. Indemnification

You may request copies of your information, object to our use and utilization, or issue a request to restrict or delete your information. Please contact us directly at for these requests.

Integration Management

Arrchiver integrates with various data repositories, service providers, and document management solutions. In the event you wish to change or remove an integration, please contact your Arrchiver Administrator.

Deactivate your account

Please contact your Arrchiver administrator to deactivate your account. If you are an administrator and need assistance please do not hesitate to contact Arrchiver support.


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